Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flute Student to Spend Semester Abroad at St. Anne's, Oxford University

CSU flutist Lauren Rosenblatt will study Medieval and Renaissance Music at Oxford University's St. Anne's College as a part of a new partnership with that institution. An Honors student pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Music, Lauren has already participated in Study abroad and studied Renaissance music and dance at CSU, but this time she will spend an entire semester in one of the cultural centers of the Renaissance.

Columbus State University was recognized last year among seven U.S. college and universities — including much-larger institutions such as Rutgers and Ohio State — for innovative international programs. “(All seven schools) are excellent models for how higher education across the country can and must innovate to prepare our students for the global economy we live in today,” said Marlene M. Johnson, executive director and CEO of the international education organization founded as the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers. Now known as the NAFSA Association of International Educators, the organization’s Senator Paul Simon Awards for Campus Internationalization are considered the ultimate honor for a university in terms of recognizing innovative efforts to make students more aware of the world at large.

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